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How to Check IP Address in Ubuntu Linux [Quick Tip]

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What Is My Public IP Address?

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Below is shown the name of the computer that is using this web service. If this computer is behind a firewall or uses a proxy server, the name shown will be that of the firewall computer or proxy server.

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Many ISPs route internet traffic via a proxy server to reduce network traffic. Most commercial organisations protect their internal network Intranet by routing all traffic to and from the Internet via a firewall.

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A firewall computer of proxy server is sometimes called a 'gateway'. The process of finding the host name or domain name from an IP address involves sending a message to the IP address and requesting the computer located at that IP address to return its name.

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  • Step-by-Step: Finding the IP Address and MAC/Physical Address/Ethernet ID.
  • Usually this will be the same as the domain name. However, many computers host many domains so the host name may be one of the domain names hosted or it could be something totally different. There are some special IP addresses.

    Find Abandoned Static and DHCP Reserved Addresses

    No matter which computer you use, it will always have an IP address of In addition, a computer can have more than one IP address. In order to connect to other computers it will have an IP address that is known to other computers. A domain name is the name that is purchased from a registrar. It will be something like hcidata. We recommend using a service like What is my IP Address? The IP address we discovered using the above method is the external IP address, and that will nearly always be what you need to find out.

    http://maxwellhoward.com/best-mobile-phone-tracker-samsunggalaxy-a8.php But very occasionally you'll need to know your internal IP address instead. As we explained above, it is possible to find this out by looking in the Network section of system preferences. Every device on your network, including the router, will be assigned an internal IP address, but the entire network will be assigned a single external IP address at the point it meets the internet.

    How do I find my IP address - How to find my IP address fast & free

    That's it! You now know what your IP address is. Perhaps you would now like to find out your Mac's specs.