We can certainly help you out with you a Mississippi driving record search. I show there are multiple records for your name in our database. Can you confirm your age so we can insure we are looking at the correct driving record. I ordered my motor vehicle report. Unfortunately sometimes public records can be incomplete.

You have a couple options. You can opt for the premium report 2nd.

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The certified version from, the Mississippi DPS, you can use for employment, education and rental applications. Click on the Request Your Driving Record button 3. Fill out the form and pay the fee for a copy 5. Print out your Mississippi driving record report. Please be aware that the information obtained using SearchQuarry.

Mississippi Driving Records

Data availability is largely dependent on various public sources from which the information is aggregated. In some states you can see your report immediately online, while others require you to visit the DMV or mail in a form. They often charge a much higher fee than the DMV and the information might not be accurate.

An MVR is a report of all your moving violations — such as speeding tickets — driving convictions and accidents. It generally includes at least three years of driving history. For example, a potential employer might request your MVR if driving is part of the job. Each state decides how an MVR is accessed, guidelines for who can access it and the amount of information released.

Car insurance companies use your MVR — along with other information — when deciding whether to sell you a policy and how much to charge you. Companies should determine if their employee is a safe driver not only to protect their equipment but also their customers, clients and others that their workers may have contact with. That figure can soar to millions of dollars per incident if punitive damages are awarded.


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They are also liable for a negligent lawsuit. Such lawsuits also have the potential to destroy the reputation of a company.

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It can be hard for a company to predict how an employee will handle their job in a real work setting. If their work requires driving, auto insurance can be involved as well that can significantly affect the operations of their business. Nobody is perfect at driving, but some people are definitely worse than others.

In many cases, driving history repeats itself.

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Running an MVR check helps a company predict any negative activity that has a higher probability of happening in the near future. At the very least, they can talk to the prospective employee about their driving history after knowing their record and resolving any issues and worries. However, this does not just equate to peace of mind for business owners.

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Their insurance company worries about their employees as well. That worry usually translates to money. Companies may be penalized with higher premiums if their organization reflects poorly in this domain.